Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

The successful Teen Outreach Program (TOP) in Phelps County empowers teens to develop career goals and complete service programs to increase self-esteem and reduce teen pregancy and school drop-out rates.

Although TOPS is a nationwide program, Phelps County was chosen as the first pilot project in Missouri. National statistics show a decrease in school suspensions, teen pregnancy, school course failure and school drop-out rates among kids who participated in TOP. The local program has seen a decrease in failing grades, school suspensions, skipping class, and teen pregnancy since the program kicked off in Phelps County.

TOP is a partnership between the Phelps County Health Department, Prevention Consultants of Missouri, St. James Middle School and John F. Hodge High School. It is funded through grants from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Phelps County Child Advocacy Network (PCCAN).

The positive youth development program is currently open to all middle school and high school students in the St. James School District.

Empowering our teens to make a difference in their own lives and in our community — caring for your family, caring for our community, caring for YOU!