Emergency Planning

Floods, fires, ice storms, tornadoes, disease outbreaks, Ebola — our community is at risk for many different types of emergencies.

Our team of professional staff work consistently to prepare for emergencies. We plan and practice how we would provide vaccinations or medication to everyone in our community if your health was at risk. We work with our partners to plan how we would help support a shelter for people who were displaced by a disaster. We plan how to quickly respond to a power outage that impacted our food establishments or drinking water supply

You can help make our community more resilient by developing an emergency response plan for your family. You should have enough water, food and other supplies on hand to take care of yourselves for at least three full days. You also need to plan how to contact each other if you are separated from family members when a disaster happens.

Work with us to develop a more resilient community — caring for your family, caring for our community, caring for YOU!