Private Well Water Testing

We provide free private water sample collection kits for use by the general public. The kits contain a sterile 100 ml sample bottle, instructions for sample collection and a mailing label addressed to the State Public Health Laboratory. They are available at our main office on the ground floor of the Phelps County Courthouse. They may also be picked up at the Maries County Clerk’s office or the University Extension office located in the Maries County Courthouse in Vienna.

The state health lab will analyze your water sample for the presence of bacteria and mail the test results back to you, usually within seven to ten days. They charge $10.

Our staff can help guide you with sample collection techniques, interpreting your test results and recommending procedures for disinfecting your well. Staff may also be able to collect water samples for some individuals under certain circumstances.

Some banks and lending institutions require a well inspection and the collection of a "satisfactory" water sample prior to closing a home loan. The test kits available from our office are for unofficial use only and will be reported as such by the state health laboratory. The environmental health section does not inspect wells or collect water samples for loan purposes. We can provide you with a list of state licensed water and sewer system inspectors.

If you have questions, email us or call us at (573) 458-6010.

Helping ensure your well water is safe — caring for your family, caring for our community, caring for YOU!.